St Lucia

A week in a villa on the beautiful Caribbean island of St Lucia

St Lucia Travel Guide: 6 Incredible Beaches

Discover St Lucia’s six most incredible beaches: Windjammer Landing; Pigeon Island; Reduit Beach; Hummingbird Beach; Anse Chastanet; and Ti Kaye.

St Lucia Travel Guide: Best (and Worst!) Places to Eat and Drink

Looking for the best restaurants in St Lucia? On the beach with sunset views? Delicious, cheap, local food? The most delicious cocktails? Read on …!

St Lucia Travel Guide: What to Expect when Hiking Gros Piton

Read about how hard it is to hike Gros Piton, the equipment you need to do so, how to get there, what cash you should bring, and are the views really worth it?

St Lucia Travel Guide: private boat charter with Jus’ Sail

Fancy sailing on a St Lucia boat cruise? Want to know the best things to do in St Lucia on a cruise? Read this review of Jus’ Sail’s private boat charter.

Wind Surf Cruise – a Day Trip to St Lucia

What to do with a day on Pigeon Island, St Lucia? Hike up to Fort Rodney and admire the cannons and the 360 degree views, snorkel, and relax!

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