Cou cou!

Cou cou tout-le-monde! Hi everyone!

My name is Dani and I live in Chicago, USA. My job as a teacher (which I fell into but thankfully love!) allows me to live in this incredible city and also to travel and explore this beautiful planet.

My father is British (I grew up in England) and my mother is French Canadian. While I am by no means a native French speaker, it’s a huge part of my culture and heritage and I wanted to acknowledge it in my blog name. ‘Dani dit cou cou = Dani says hi’!

I love camping and hiking, skiing, city breaks and beach vacations 🙂

I also love clothes and getting dressed every day! Clothes, hair and accessories are such a fun way to show our personality and I’m always experimenting and trying things out, not always successfully!

Thank you for stopping by this blog. I find others’ blogs and reviews so incredibly helpful when researching trips and that’s what inspired me to start writing ‘Dani dit cou cou’. I hope I can be of some help to others out there, like others have been for me! If you have any questions or want more info about somewhere I’ve been, please let me know! I’d be happy to provide more details .