Easy Curls in 5 Minutes or Less!

I just tried a new easy hair hack for summer – when you want curls but it’s too hot and humid for heat styling tools.

1. After washing your hair, gently squeeze out most of the excess water.

2. Divide your hair in two and pull up into high ponytails, scrunching your hair together to make a mini-bun, and fastening with elastics.

Mini buns!

3. Sleep in mini-buns overnight. I didn’t find these uncomfortable at all.

4. I waited about 15 hours to take the buns out and my hair was still slightly damp. Adjust how damp your hair is when you start and how long you keep them in according to how much/thick your hair is.

5. Undo the elastics and use some product to scrunch your hair into curls and tame the frizz.

Voilà! Easy-breezy (if a little bit wild!) curls!

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