Hair Tutorial: How I Curl my Hair with the T3 Wand

My Curling Routine

We’ve come a long way from the steam straighteners of the early 2000s! Nowadays, my go-to hair routine is as low-maintenance as possible. I wash my hair at night and sleep on it wet. It’s dries overnight (and looks pretty crazy!) but then only takes about 15 minutes to curl. The curls are pretty tight at first but slowly drop that day, and then keep dropping (but still retaining tons of bounce and body) for the rest of the week.

That’s right. I only wash and style my hair once a week. How’s that for low-maintenance.

I’ve been using the T3 wand for several years now and highly recommend it. However, I will say that as good as it is, it won’t change your hair type. I bought it after seeing a very popular blogger with the most luscious head of hair recommend it. No, my hair still doesn’t look like hers, ha ha. But it does a great job of taming my frizzy, dry hair. I will say that, if your budget doesn’t stretch to the eye-watering $300 price tag (wand comes with 3 different barrels, but still!), I own and use the Sultra oval wand and think it does just as good a job as keeping my curls going all week.

This is my go-to style and how I wear my hair most days. Easy-peasy!

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