Martinique Travel Guide – Presqu’île de la Caravelle

So far on Martinique, we had explored Le Marin (in the south-west), Saint Pierre (in the north-west) and Sainte Anne (in the south-east).

On our fourth day, we stayed closer to home and headed over to Presqu’île de la Caravelle, a peninsula on the east coat. We got there fairly early (by that, I mean before 10am!), and it was already hot. If you’re planning a longer walk, I’d start earlier. And take lots of water.

Presqu’île de la Caravelle

This was our least favorite excursion on the trip. Reading about this peninsula, it seems like others rave about the different landscapes and great natural beaches. Possibly we didn’t venture far enough to see this. We hadn’t done any research in hiking here and there were no signs, information or route maps.

We did a simple loop through some forested areas,

 Presqu’île de la Caravelle
Presqu’île de la Caravelle

which turned into mangroves as we reached the sea. These were fascinating and were my favorite part.

In the distance we could see what looked to be a beach and some people swimming. We were tempted to make our way there but threats of a storm kept us on the shorter loop.

I found it pretty uninspiring and certainly wouldn’t recommend that anyone come out of their way to visit this area.

Lunch in Tartane

We stopped off in the small town of Tartane for some simple but delicious sandwiches and pastries. And ice-cream!

We headed across the road to Tartane beach, as we were so hot and sweaty from our walk. The beach was fine but the sea was absolutely full of seaweed. I mean, clogged. Chock-a-block. Yuck.

Tartane Beach
Apparently Tartane Beach is a popular surf spot
Tartane Beach
Anse Tartane

Habitation Clément rum distillery

That afternoon we set off for Habitation Clément rum distillery, a beautiful drive south down the coast. We paid our 12 euros entrance fee and started wandering around the impressive grounds.

We made our way over to the antique distillery, which was beautiful. The smell of the barrels was wonderful!

I bought this jumpsuit and bag in Ste Anne!

We enjoyed visiting the old plantation house, although as you can tell from my shiny, un-edited face above, it was hot. Oh, so hot. By this point we were ready for the pièce de la résistance – the free rum tasting!

All the free rum!

Except, it wasn’t quite as great as we had hoped. The air-conditioned shop where the tastings take place was a blissful relief, but trying to get the attention of the few servers at the central bar was a bit tricky, especially when other cultures/nationalities don’t have quite the same queuing mentality as the British do! The rum tasting is also that – rum. Plain rum. Or flavored rum. Or spiced rum. On its own. No mixers. Which, I guess, makes sense. I think I was thinking there would be some sort of fabulous free rum cocktails … I don’t know.

Have you visited any of the rum distilleries in Martinique? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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