Martinique Travel Guide – Catamaran Day Trip Review

We had enjoyed our day of sailing around St Lucia with Jus’ Sail so much, we all agreed that we definitely had to do another one in Martinique!

Les Ballades du Delphis

This time we wanted to try a catamaran, mostly to be able to sit on the trampoline netting and see/feel the surf! We found Les Ballades du Delphis online whilst in Martinique and were able to book a day-trip with them for our last full day in Martinique. It was a fantastic experience!

woman on catamaran netting
Oooh, I’ll regret that later!

It was an exhilarating feeling to sit on the trampoline netting and get splashed by the waves as we bounced along. We stopped off in some shallow water, and foam noodles and masks were provided for swimming and snorkeling. It was wonderful being in the water, but there wasn’t anything to see, snorkeling-wise. The accras (fried cod fritters) and planteurs (rum cocktails) that were served in the shallow waters were definitely well received, however!

Erin and Amy enjoying a planteur!

We stopped off at an island (îlet Chancel) and either swam or were boated across to it. We wandered around and saw historic ruins and lots of iguanas!

There were lots of opportunities for swimming and snorkeling (the marine life did improve a little) and the water was warm, clear and the most incredible color.

The creole lunch that was served ….. wow. I mean, the French (and Martiniquais, of course!) know how to eat well. There were various different courses of seafood and salads, with desert and cocktails and coffee and cake …. Incredible. Honestly, the food in Martinique (and on this boat trip) was of the most incredible quality and deliciousness.

As you can tell from my Lilly Pulitzer rash guard, I had to cover up after an hour or two in the sun.

Too late.

By lunch-time, I could feel how burnt I was. My face was scarlet, my lips were burnt, I was red down the whole front of my body.

Bear in mind I wear SPF 70 and wore a hat, rash guard and sarong for the rest of the day. That tropical sun is no joke. I was really cross with myself, as I had been so careful not to burn over the previous two weeks. Then the last day, I let my guard down and enjoyed the sun and the breeze. Big mistake.

There was plenty of shade to be found on the boat, it just wasn’t as fun as being out front on the trampolines.

The crew were really lovely and, when they realized that Erin and Amy weren’t fluent French speakers, they were great at translating and checking up on us in English.

I highly recommend this company – read others’ reviews on Trip Advisor here. Or check out One Girl One World‘s post about her experience with a luxury catamaran company!

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