Martinique Travel Guide – Sainte Anne and Les Salines

We woke up to pouring rain on our third day. We decided to drive south and explore Sainte-Anne and the famous Les Salines beach. It was a beautiful drive down the N6 along the coast, passing rum distilleries and the smelliest, sulpher-ridden town I’ve ever come across (I think it was Le Robert). I can’t believe people live there! It took about an hour to reach Sainte-Anne and we left most of the heavy rain behind.

Colorful Ste Anne

As it was still drizzling, we decided to leave the beach until later. Sainte-Anne was the perfect place to while away a few hours, as the SHOPPING was fantastic! Again, we found easy, free parking and were able to pop between shops, dodging the showers. The stores and houses are all beautifully colored and have the cutest things to browse: clothes, home decor, gifts etc.

Locals in Ste Anne, Martinique
Some locals wanted to get in on the photo-shoot action!

Lunch at Le Rendez-Vous

There were loads of places to eat …

Poulet Boucané
I bet that frowny lady also wasn’t very pleased with the service!

… although after sitting at this cute place for about 30 mins (I tried asking for service and the owner just brushed me off and said he’d get to us), we found a different place (Le Rendez-Vous) closer to the ocean-front. It was really hot and so humid from the rain, we were desperate for any sort of breeze.

This food was probably the best we had all week! We started with some accras – fried cod fritters. They were SO good! We then shared a plate with lots of local and French specialties: boudin (blood sausage), crabe farci (stuffed crab), some sort of delicious white fish and more accras! Miam, miam, as we say in French!

Les Salines

Then onto Les Salines; a beautiful stretch of white sand with calm, clear water and sandy ocean floor. Paradise.

Les Salines
Les Salines
Les Salines
Les Salines

There are some places to buy food here – little cabin kiosks. We bought some delicious homemade ice-creams from a lady and her traveling ice-cart.

We stayed and watched another beautiful sunset.

Les Salines
Les Salines
Les Salines
Happy faces at Les Salines
Sunset at Les Salines
Sunset at Les Salines

Another quick car-change later and we headed back into Sainte-Anne for aperitifs and dinner.

Dinner in Ste Anne – La Dunette

La Dunette
I took a photo of this pretty tree and we ended up here for dinner!

What we thought was a delicious restaurant by the sea, albeit with fabulous lounge beds, a bar on the pier and swings, turns out to be a Hotel-Bar-Restaurant called La Dunette. I can’t speak to the hotel but I would highly recommend the restaurant and wish we could have tried out the bar and loungers during the day! Looks like it would be quite the scene!

swing at La Dunette

The mix of the cute town of Sainte-Anne (shopping + food!) plus the beautiful Les Salines beach means I would definitely aim to stay in this area next time.

Les Salines beach

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