Are Spanx’s black, faux leather leggings the only ones worth getting?!

Which Spanx leggings are best?!

A wordy title, but it’s the essence of today’s quick review of Spanx leggings.

I’m a huge fan of Spanx – particularly their faux leather leggings. I got my first pair – black moto – a few years ago and they more than paid for themselves over the course of that winter. I found myself reaching for them over and over again, for brunches and dinners and nights out … They made me feel fantastic

Spanx Faux Leather Moto Leggings

I love how size inclusive these leggings are: XS – 3X. I range from a US size 12-16 and take a 1X in these leggings.

This winter I decided to treat myself to the plain black, faux leather leggings. I love them just as much.

I got them during the 2019 Black Friday sale with 20% off.

Around the New Year, Spanx put some of their leggings on sale (and then offered another 30% off sale!) and so I was tempted to try some more!

These leggings are still on sale for $67.99 (reduced from $98) and available in all sizes. Online these show as a lovely bronze metallic, but on me I found them to be more of a flat, matte brown. They still fit as beautifully as my black faux leather leggings, but I couldn’t get over them looking like skin color. These were a no for me.

These jeans are currently $63.99 (reduced from $132) and are still available in all sizes. They are final sale.

I wanted to show them with a variety of top lengths. I wouldn’t wear them with the crop top personally but it gives an idea of what they look like.

The inseam is 25.5”. I wish it were longer. I’m 5’8” and have long legs and a short body. I really have to yank these up to get them to cover my waist and hips.

Gut sucker panel inside white jeans!

I don’t have any white jeans right now so these fill a gap. I hope I’ll get some wear out of them come Spring.

I found these velvet leggings online at Nordstrom Rack for $29.97! It’s worth checking this site as I’ve also found some leopard ‘Jean-ish’ leggings there for around $50.

My leggings are now unavailable at Nordstrom Rack but Spanx has this velvet style on sale ($67.99, reduced from $98) in different colors and a range of sizes.

These fit as well as the faux leather leggings and are a fun alternative, especially for under $30! I like that both panels are velvet as I’ve tried some Spanx leggings from Nordstrom Rack that had different material panels on the front (velvet or faux leather) and regular legging material on the back and found them quite unflattering.

Overall, I would recommend the black faux leather or black moto leather leggings first, if you don’t already have them. They are an absolute closet staple and worth the hefty price tag!

I hope that’s been of some help. I find it hard to find reviews of these leggings in my size. Please let me know if you come across any others!

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