Express X Rocky Barnes Part 2

Last week I reviewed some pieces from the Rocky Barnes/Express collaboration. I loved pretty much everything! I’m back now with more pieces from the collection and different sizes for comparison. For reference, I’m 5’9″, size US 14, size XL (sometimes L).

Size L on top of XL

I loved these shorts (currently on sale for $39.90) in both prints. Surprisingly, the size L fit well. However, I was curious to see how the XL would turn out and if they would give any more length. As you can see, they don’t. They’re just a bit bigger in the waist with more of a wider fit.

I’ve decided I prefer the fit in the L. They’re neater and, I feel, more flattering. Weirdly, the XL are now no longer available on Express’ website. Again. Not showing as sold out, just not there. I’ve never seen this before. Is it an Express thing?

I’m also wearing the Rocky Barnes Ribbed Square Neck Cropped Cami ($34.90) above, in black and pink (also bought the white), size L. They seemed more cropped on me than on the model – maybe because my boobs are bigger?! Anyway, I think they go really well with the shorts and make a cute, easy outfit. Glad I got them at the sale price though as $35 + tax is a lot for a little jersey cami.

Square necked cropped cami, size L

Here is the Rocky Barnes Ruched Off The Shoulder Crop Top ($49.90) in black and white, size L.

Showing the extra fabric in the XL shorts

I’m unconvinced about these ruched crop tops. They’re lovely and soft and really comfy … I’m just not sure I love them on me. I also had to tug the bottom down to cover my bra band.

Next is the Rocky Barnes Satin Midi Skirt ($59.90).

I had serious misgivings about this satin skirt and ordered it reluctantly (mostly hoping it would work well with the gorgeous printed top, shown below). The XL fit well but was too big. I fear a good tug and it would be down at my ankles. I also found it very unflattering on my tummy – I’m sure it would be better with a longer top but I don’t like it enough to keep it and experiment.

The size L was everything I dread about satin. My belly button, though deep, looks obscene in these photos, ha ha! And even though I could pull it on without unzipping (slightly elasticized waistband), the seams were buckling over my hips. These will both go back.

Now for the Rocky Barnes Wrap Front Cropped Top ($59.90), size L.

This is the same as the printed top above but in white. I didn’t love the color with either of the Rocky Barnes shorts (too stark of a white), so this is sadly going back as well.

I liked the Rocky Barnes Cropped V-Neck Slub Tee ($39.90) so much in the white that I ordered it again in the black!

The size L is a little more cropped and fitted. The XL has more length and width.

I ordered the Rocky Barnes Floral Print Linen-Blend Tie Front Cropped Top ($44.90) in size XL to see if it gave more coverage.

It does, but I think I’ve decided they’re both a pass. Really nice quality and design, just not that great on me.

Looking forward to wearing a lot of these pieces as it starts to warm up in Chicago! And this summer in Europe! Have you bought anything from the Rocky Barnes collection? How are you styling them?!

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