St Lucia Travel Guide: 6 Incredible Beaches

Looking for information on how to travel to St Lucia, how to get around and where we stayed – check out my St Lucia overview! Read on for tips and ideas on the best beaches and resorts in St Lucia!

Windjammer Landing Resort beach at sunset
Windjammer beach at sunset

Beaches and Resorts

Even though we chose to stay at an Airbnb villa, there are many beautiful resort hotels on St Lucia. Even better, all their beaches are free and open to the public!

Windjammer Landing Resort

The beautiful Windjammer Landing resort was only a 5-10 minute walk from our villa near Rodney Bay. We felt a bit cheeky just walking through the fancy gates, past the pool and onto the beach but no one questioned us. We were able to use their sun loungers and enjoy the shaded bar with swings! There were some cars parked on the side of the road leading up to the resort, so this might be an option if you aren’t within walking distance.

There were no issues paying for our drinks with a credit card (guests of the resort just signed and used their room number). I think our cocktails were about $7US. We had been warned about the seabed having lots of prickly sea urchins in this area. There was a roped-off area with fun inflatables where lots of children were shrieking, where the seabed looked like it had been cleared. We obviously wanted in on the hammock action (just a little further down the beach) and decided we would risk swimming out there! We figured it was fine, you can see where you’re stepping as the water is so clear and shallow but just be aware. We were told that if you step on a sea urchin, their needles get embedded in your flesh and it all sounds pretty nasty.

We enjoyed the beach and their facilities so much that we abandoned our dinner plans to stay and watch the sunset, which was idyllic.

Pigeon Island

I had visited the beaches at Pigeon Island on my cruise a few months previously. It was a short drive for us, so we headed there one afternoon. I had visited the National Park area and climbed up to visit Fort Rodney (see this post for details) and see the views so didn’t feel I needed to do it again. We easily parked at the public beach, declined the chairs and parasols that were offered and enjoyed a few hours there. The sea was crystal clear and the seabed was soft and sandy with no seaweed or sea-grass and NO sea urchins!

It was Easter weekend so there were a few families and locals enjoying the beach also. It certainly wasn’t overcrowded.

Reduit Beach

Reduit Beach is justifiably famous on St Lucia. Just by Rodney Bay town in the north, we found easy parking (opposite Spinnaker’s restaurant) and enjoyed both sunsets there and a scorching few hours one day. Gorgeous sand and clear, turquoise waters makes it a winner in my books!

We treated ourselves to loungers and a parasol whilst on Reduit Beach – highly necessary! The sand was boiling hot and the sun was SCORCHING! We paid $20US cash for both loungers and the umbrella.

Hummingbird Beach Resort

We visited Hummingbird Beach Resort on our trip down the west coast to Soufriere. I didn’t spend long at the beach (too busy puffing my way up Gros Piton!) but it has the most incredible view!

Petit Piton mountain
View of Petit Piton from Hummingbird Beach restaurant

We were able to park our car in the resort’s car park (we ate at the Hummingbird Beach Resort restaurants) and wander onto the beach. From what I remember, the sea was clear but there were lots of little stones/shells as you walked in. To be honest, my brain was in a ‘I’m ridiculously hot and exhausted’ fog!

Hummingbird Beach Resort St Lucia
Hummingbird Beach

From Hummingbird, we decided to go and check out Anse Chastanet beach. Wow. Just wow. This resort and their beach was so incredible. I’m scared to look at the prices because I want to go back there so badly. Ok, I just looked. Gulp. But definitely worth it for a special occasion.

Anse Chastanet

sunset at Anse Chastanet beach
Anse Chastanet

Once again, we were able to park in their car park … oh wait. Hang on. In my excitement to tell you about how stunning this place was, I forgot about the drive there. It’s a short drive from Soufriere, but it’s ….hairy. That’s the only way to describe it. Possibly there’s another, less death-defying road to get there but we couldn’t see one (on Google maps). You drive up past Hummingbird and go up, up, up a steep hill and then suddenly you’re confronted with the next part of your drive. Which is on a narrow road, curving around the mountain, with a steep drop off to your left. I think we might have all screamed at this point. But there’s no going back because there’s nowhere to stop and turn around. You have to grab life by the balls and just keep gunning it. Or at least, that’s what I did. Thank goodness we didn’t meet any cars coming the other way as there’s not a lot of room on the road! Once you get past this bit, other than the road being unpaved and bumpy, you’re on safer ground. Anyway. It’s honestly totally worth it 😉

Anse Chastanet sign
The sign rewarding you after your death-defying drive!

So we parked in their car park and wandered past the guards and found our way to the resort and the beach. I think one of us had read that you’re only allowed in a certain area or have to stay in the tide-line of the sea but we just dumped our things as unobtrusively as possible and headed to the water. Which was delicious. There were a lot of beautiful people frolicking on the sand and in the water, so make sure you’re very beautiful if you plan to stay there 😉 They had a dive shop there and apparently the snorkeling is great but by this point my body was refusing to do anything. I am super unfit, you guys. Seriously. I insisted my friend carry me WHILE WE WERE IN THE WATER. I am also extremely lazy, it turns out.

Ti Kaye Resort

On our day-long boat trip with Captain James, he took us snorkeling at this incredible spot. We anchored just off the beach at Ti Kaye resort (which we re-named Swiss Family Robinson) and it looked just stunning. Looking at their website, it looks even better! Anyway, we didn’t go on the beach there but if you get the chance, ask Captain James to take you snorkeling, as it was sooo beautiful! Clear water and so much marine life 🙂

women snorkeling
Snorkeling near Ti Kaye resort

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