Wind Surf Cruise – a Day Trip to Dominica

What to do and see in Domenica

woman with coffee port of Roseau
Anchoring outside Roseau, Dominica

One of my must-sees on my To-Do List on Dominica was Titou Gorge: where some scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest were filmed.

We grabbed a taxi at the port in Roseau and negotiated a tour. Driving through the capital city of Roseau was interesting, seeing people going about their lives. Then up into the mountains! Everything was so lush and green, and the higher we got, the more beautiful the views.

Our first stop was Titou Gorge – a cave formed by volcanic lava which cooled and split open. We rented life-jackets for $2 each and climbed down into river. The water was bracing but refreshing! Swimming through the gorge was magical – bright green walls with sunlight streaming through.

swimming in Titou Gorge
Enjoying the magic

Then up to the waterfall. The force of the water pushed my parents back downstream but I persevered and managed to climb up to where the waterfall was gushing down. I’m so glad we were all wearing water shoes.

Titou Gorge waterfall
Titou Gorge waterfall

The rest of the taxi tour was disappointing. We’d been told we would visit Trafalgar Falls (two apparently spectacular waterfalls) but we ended up on a roadside quite a way away, looking across at them from afar. We had also been told we’d visit Boiling Lake, a flooded fumarole (an opening in or near a volcano, through which hot sulfurous gases emerge – I had to google this!). We did stop and see some sulfurous bubbling mud pools but it was an underwhelming experience. We also drove through the botanical gardens on the way back to the port.

I think we paid about $150 for the tour, which lasted about 2 hours. I was pretty horrified at this price. I was so pleased to have visited Titou Gorge and in the end, visiting the other two ‘attractions’ allowed us to drive around the island, admiring the foliage and views.

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