Wind Surf Cruise – a Day Trip to Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is an independent Commonwealth country, made up of the islands of Antigua and Barbuda, and several smaller ones. The islands are positioned right where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet, with Barbuda just north of Antigua. After a devastating hurricane in 2017, where all residents of Barbuda were evacuated to Antigua, the island is slowly recovering. Barbuda has only two resorts and is known for its pristine, untouched beaches. Cruise ships to Barbuda dock-anchor at Codrington Port on the western coast. Many cruise ships visiting this port of call anchor near the coast and use tendered boats to go ashore.

Best Way to Spend a Day on Barbuda

I was so excited to experience the beautiful pink sand beaches in Barbuda. I had researched which beaches to go to and was set on Princess Diana Beach and 17 Mile Beach. However, the cruise director had warned us that taxis were very limited and when our little tender dropped us off, we decided to walk along the beach where we had been dropped, as did most of the cruise guests. We were the only people there so there was plenty of room for us all on the long expanse.

I had read that the sand was somehow ‘spongy’ and weirdly, it kind of was! When you looked closely, there were also all these little pink shells in the sand, giving it its pink name and pink appearance. The sea was absolutely beautiful and we spent ages in the water and walking along the shore.

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